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Tennessee State Democrats Join Single Payer Fight

Nov 20, 2017

Dear Editor,

The Chattanooga Democratic Socialists of America welcomes the Tennessee Democratic Party to the struggle for Medicare For All that the grassroots have been pursuing for years now. We hope they bring the humility to follow the work of those fighting for MFA on the ground, the resources to support them, and the exposure their organization can bring to these efforts.

DSA has resolved to make the campaign for Medicare For All a national priority. We encourage Democrats and all working people fight for a plan with:

  1. A single program. Not a patchwork of state and federal systems.

  2. Comprehensive coverage. All medical services must be covered.

  3. Free at the point of service. No fees, copays, or cost-sharing.

  4. Universal coverage. All US residents should be covered, non-citizens included.

  5. Jobs. Severance pay and job replacement for those affected by the transition.

The last point is particularly important for Chattanooga workers. Medicare For All must protect the nearly 7000 Chattanoogans in the medical insurance industry. DSA will not support any plan that does not include those demands and we hope the TNDP will adopt them as well. You can learn more at:

Signed, Chattanooga Democratic Socialists of America